[ros-release] driver_base package on indigo

Chad Rockey chadrockey at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 00:33:37 UTC 2014

I believe the PR2 may be supported for Indigo, so yes, driver_base will be
released into indigo.

It's currently blocked by diagnostics:

Either Issac or I or someone may get to releasing diagnostics soon.  I'll
do it this weekend most likely if no one else beats me to it.

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 5:23 PM, Steven Peters <scpeters at osrfoundation.org>wrote:

> Hello, I've been looking at getting gazebo_ros_pkgs ready for indigo, and
> I noticed that the gazebo_plugins package depends on driver_base, which is
> listed as end-of-life on its wiki page. There are 12 packages listed as
> depending on driver_base in hydro. Will / should it be released into indigo?
> gazebo_plugins uses the SensorLevels msg from driver_base in three
> dynamic_reconfigure files:
> https://github.com/ros-simulation/gazebo_ros_pkgs/blob/hydro-devel/gazebo_plugins/cfg/GazeboRosCamera.cfg#L6
> https://github.com/ros-simulation/gazebo_ros_pkgs/blob/hydro-devel/gazebo_plugins/cfg/GazeboRosOpenniKinect.cfg#L6
> https://github.com/ros-simulation/gazebo_ros_pkgs/blob/hydro-devel/gazebo_plugins/cfg/Hokuyo.cfg#L41
> SensorLevels msg for reference:
> https://github.com/ros-drivers/driver_common/blob/indigo-devel/driver_base/msg/SensorLevels.msg
> Should gazebo_plugins be doing this? We're open to suggestions, with the
> goal of releasing soon for indigo.
> Steve
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