[ros-users] pr.willowgarage.com EOL

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Fri Jan 3 01:08:57 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

pr.willowgarage.com is slated to be EOL'd in the near future. We have
mirrored the downloads and data directory to download.ros.org. And have
setup redirects which should continue to keep links to the downloads and
data directories working.

The server redirect was down for a few days recently and we noticed a few
build failures and test failures due to packages referencing urls on the
server.  If you are using anything that references pr.willowgarage.com it
is recommended to upgrade.

Below are commands which will help with the process that I used to
successfully migrate slam_gmapping.


# show instances
grep -rI "pr.willowgarage.com"

# list files only
grep -rIl "pr.willowgarage.com"

# display substituted files do not modify
grep -rIl "pr.willowgarage.com" * | xargs -L 1 sed "s/

# replace files in place
grep -rIl "pr.willowgarage.com" * | xargs -L 1 sed -i "s/
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